The TruTrace Story

With the formation of TruTrace Technologies, the first such venture was the groundbreaking platform BLOCKStrain. This was an idea whose time had finally come. As the lid was being blown off the cannabis industry in Canada and legalization was unfolding around the world, our team knew it was just a matter of time before recreational legalization was a reality. A host of consumers would begin to grow ever more sophisticated about the products they were buying. So, by combining the immutable ledger system of Blockchain, with a sophisticated technology back and front end, leveraging new genomic testing protocol and supported by a robust track and trace system, BLOCKStrain became the way consumers could know for sure that the cannabis they were buying was genetically safe and chemically pure.

With a move to the US markets and a new stock name, the core platform BLOCKStrain became StrainSecure™ and is being adopted by licensed producers, labs and retailers in North America. In April of 2019 the BLOCKStrain platform was nominated for Software of the Year by O’Cannabiz – One of Canada’s largest international cannabis conferences.

TruTrace recently acquired Spark Digital Technologies and the proprietary IgnitePro software to further enhance the core offering, adding features and functionality to complete its track and trace vision, not only for cannabis, but for any product requiring safety and verification through the supply chain.

TruTrace Investor Deck

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TruTrace Technologies (CSE:TTT)

TruTrace Officers and Board of Directors

The TruTrace vision and business sophistication is represented by an international board of directors that comprise industry experts, technology consultants and business entrepreneurs. 

Robert Galarza


Tommy Stephenson


Cameron Chell


Michael Kraft


Cesare Kazari


James Carter