TruTrace™ is the new standard in product verification

How can you know the products you sell are not being counterfeited? How can a customer verify that your product is safe from harmful chemicals and heavy metals? 

Product quality, testing validation and verification is why TruTrace™ was created. We uniquely combine Blockchain with business operations to connect customers, distributors and regulatory entities with the insights they need on products across all industries where it’s needed the most: ranging from food and cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and cannabis.

TruTrace Enterprise™ SaaS

Protecting consumers and brands from contaminants and counterfeiting. Verify the products you sell or buy. TruTrace™ is a cloud-based SaaS software for quality assurance, product lab testing and blockchain verification for enterprise and companies of all sizes.

StrainSecure™ Cannabis SaaS

The industry needs product validation more than ever. Deliver safety for patients and consumers from misleading products, contaminants and heavy metals. StrainSecure™ is our cloud-based software for quality, testing and blockchain registration.

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About TruTrace Technologies, Inc.

Innovative Technology that Delivers Certainty in our Global Economy

Founded in 2017, TruTrace Technologies, Inc. (CSE: TTT / OTCQB: TTTSF) is a group of creators, developers and designers who are bringing innovative software to the market, with a clear and concise goal of bringing better transparency and efficiency to the global markets.

The founding concept was to fuel public companies that would make the world a better place. Their innovators knew that if they could combine seemingly disparate constructs to solve yet unanticipated marketplace problems, they could change the world.

Proud partners

TruTrace is Honored to Have the World Class Partners We do

World Cannabis Congress - June 17, 2019 - Ken Weisbrod announces partnership between Shoppers Drug Mart and TruTrace Technologies, Inc.
Canada’s Largest Pharmacy Chain Partners with Tru•Trace Technologies, Inc.

Shoppers Drug Mart, a unit of Loblaw Cos. with about 1,300 pharmacies across Canada, is partnering with Tru•Trace Technologies, Inc. on a pilot program that will use blockchain to identify, track and verify the source and genetics of cannabis used by medical patients.

Tru•Trace’s blockchain-based software is designed to guarantee product quality and genetics throughout the supply chain from genome-to-patient. The pharmacy giant said the move brings medical cannabis closer in line with standards for other drugs. By partnering with Tru•Trace on this program Shoppers Drug Mart will use blockchain to identify, track and verify the source and genetics of cannabis used by medical patients.

“Medical cannabis should have the same levels of traceability and accountability as any other drug therapy in order for patients and prescribers to feel confident about it as a treatment,” said Ken Weisbrod, Shoppers Drug Mart’s Vice President of Pharmacy Business Development and Cannabis Strategy.

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